Let Us Pray For You And With You

From time to time, everyone faces difficult times and issues in their lives.  Everyone....  It could be the loss of a loved one or close friend, sickness, financial difficulty, stress, uncertainties, feeling overwhelmed, or a wide variety of things, sometimes even something we just can't put our finger on; but it's affecting us or someone we know.  There can also be joyful moments in life we wish to pray for, such as an engagement, marriage, birth, or other good news event.  In addition, there may be answers to prayer for which we want to thank God. As a Christian, turning our focus to God through prayer and praise is the best way to find peace, comfort, wisdom, strength and guidance.  Completing the form below will allow our staff, congregation and others to pray for you and with you. If you are making public, personal info on anyone other than yourself, if it's not already public knowledge, then please make sure they are aware of it and agree to it.

Note:  You  have the option of entering your email and checking the box to receive notifications, so that when people pray you will be notified and encouraged by the Lord.  A phone number is NOT required; if you don't enter anything, it will be listed as None.  You also have the option to hide your name, email & phone from the public post, should you want to enter the info for church contact purposes.  Sometimes we will attempt to contact you before posting your prayer request to the public.  Our general policy is to leave prayer requests on our site for a maximum of two months; after that, we will delete without notification.  Feel free to post additional updated prayer requests; if another prayer request is submitted with the same subject matter, the older request will be deleted.  In addition, if you wish to remove a prayer request before that time frame, please email us and we will be happy to do that.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for and with the following people, so that they may find peace, comfort, wisdom, strength and guidance.  In so doing, we fulfill the needs of fellow Christians, share in what is going on in their lives, and open ourselves to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Also, encourage those who ask for prayers, as well as show your support, by clicking on the "Prayer Hands" located at the top of their prayers, noted below.


Hello. Thank you all for your prayers for my son Oliver. I pray for healing at this time and for God to mend my broken heart. Ollie passed away on 7/17/2022 and I delivered him on 7/20/2022. God gave me such a special little boy who I will always love. Please pray for myself and for my family during this difficult time. For hope and strength and for all of us to heal in time. Especially my heart, I hope it heals someday.. Thank you all, God bless.


I sure hope not just barely getting by on ssi not having enough money for clothes dentist things it's difficult thinking positive my health too I'm older


Continued prayers for my 92 year old Uncle Joe Labretto, who has been dealing with some serious health issues since mid-May. He is doing much better now; but continues to receive treatments and is looking forward to getting himself back to normal. May God's healing touch restore him to health, may his doctors continue with positive diagnosis and strides to keep him on track, and may he once again be able to get back to his normal activities, including riding his Harley.


Update on my sister, Deb, she is off breathing tube, now has a nasal feeding tube, very weak, can't stand on her own, trouble using left arm. Needed a blood transfusion yesterday. Probably looking at having to go into rehab at some point to gain strength. Please continue to pray. Thanks


Please pray for my sister, Gail, as she grieves the sudden lose of her son Bryan. He was 39. Please pray also for his brother, Jesse and his son Levi.