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Let Us Pray For You And With You

From time to time, everyone faces difficult times and issues in their lives.  Everyone....  It could be the loss of a loved one or close friend, sickness, financial difficulty, stress, uncertainties, feeling overwhelmed, or a wide variety of things, sometimes even something we just can't put our finger on; but it's affecting us or someone we know.  There can also be happy moments in life we wish to pray for, such as an engagement, marriage, birth, or other good news event.  As a Christian, turning our focus to God through prayer is the best way to find peace, comfort, wisdom, strength and guidance.  Completing the form below will allow our staff, congregation and others to pray for you and with you.  If you are making public personal info on anyone other than yourself, if it's not public knowledge please make sure they are aware of it and agree to it.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for and with the following people, so that they may find peace, comfort, wisdom, strength and guidance.  In so doing, we fulfill the needs of fellow Christians, share in what is going on in their lives, and open ourselves to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Also, encourage those who ask for prayers, as well as show your support, by clicking on the "Prayer Hands" located at the top of their prayers, noted below.


Thoughts and prayers for the passing of Ed Gallant, the Founder of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. I met Ed about 30 years ago, after joining the Blue Knights, and he is a man I have greatly respected, as well as called both a Brother and good friend. Also, thoughts, prayers & condolences to his wife, Maggie & the rest of the family, as well as his many friends. Godspeed, Sir Ed....


Please pray for Carolyn Bush and the whole family as her husband Richard Bush (81) passed into the presence of his Heavenly Father on Wednesday evening after battling acute myloid leukemia. He was at home when he departed this world. Richard is best known to our congregation as our previous District Superintendent for the New England District, a position he held for 12 years. he had previously served as a pastor for 34 years in various churches and was a Life on Life coach until late last year.


Please pray for my daughter Kristen who feel at work a tire a ligament. When they examined her they found that she also has 2 herniated disc. She is currently in the hospital in Nashua NH and I have flown up to be with her and help out. Pray for me to have wisdom to know how to help, her healing and recovery and for her daughter Renee who is assisting in ministering to Kristen. Pray that God will use this to draw all of them to Him and know Jesus and His healing touch.


Thoughts & prayers for John Matakanski, as he's going in for reconstructive knee surgery today. ☦️


Please pray for Ken Nanfelt, as his wife Adele passed away from a brain aneurism late Friday night 6/19. Pray for his family, especially his son Scott who needs to see Jesus' love in this event. Thank God for Lee and his family as they were able to drive from Wisconsin and be with Adele as she passed. Ken ministered as the interim preaching pastor at Grace Alliance from 1999 through October 2000 and Adele played the organ.