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Our Motto

Connecting People With God To Advance The Kingdom of God

Bay Community is an Upper Cape Cod church, reaching individuals to help each one discover that knowing and worshiping God is the true meaning and purpose in life, and this can only be done through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the filling of the Holy Spirit.  We meet for celebration in worship as a community and in home gatherings throughout the week.


To help us fulfill our mission, Bay Community has developed five core values with the acrostic HIVES.  We follow these values of HelpInvestValueExalt and Support as a test for each of our ministries.  We strive to Help each other in the congregation to grow to maturity being thoroughly equipped for every good work, we Invest our efforts and lives in the community and into the lives of people as we intentionally witness through lives transformed and empowered by God, we Value what God values by acting in accordance with the truth of Scripture, we Exalt God by honoring Him in worship, giving, prayer and caring for one another in His name, and we Support and encourage one another to celebrate our common belief that faith in God is the cornerstone to a joy filled life.